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The Vale Medical Centre - Telephone: 020 8291 7007

The Vale Medical Centre
195-197 Perry Vale
Forest Hill
SE23 2JF
Telephone: 020 8291 7007
Fax: 020 8291 5111

Want to put patient information (Name, DOB & NHS Number) into the footer in EmisWeb?

Right click and save the file below (in the link) to your computer.  You will then need to Import the file into EmisWeb via Template Manager, Document Templates using the LV Document Templates option.

This will convert the old LV codes contained in the document into the new EMISWeb format which will allow you to show the patient information on your templates.

Please note that you cannot retrospectively do this to an existing document template.  To get the information on your document templates, you will need to recreate them. Sorry...

EmisWeb Footer Details

Hope it helps



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Have you changed your telephone number recently or have a new email address?
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We now can send results of tests to you via your mobile phone. Click to see more informati…
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